Individual solutions for every environment

With a bespoke approach, our team of experts bring together air conditioning, heating, ventilation, refrigeration and more into one solution designed specifically for the needs of your organisation.

MAINair's reputation has been built on creating comfortable indoor environments for our local community. Our team ensures that your system delivers on quality and energy-efficiency, benefitting you in the long-term.

We are able to deliver significant customer value with our technical knowledge, experience and innovation, creating the optimal environment for every sector.

Our process

We’ve simplified the process to provide our clients with reliable, bespoke HVAC system hassle-free. MAINair offers peace of mind as you’ll work closely with our team of fully-qualified industry experts for a cost-effective, smarter solution.

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HVAC Maintenance

To ensure the ongoing health of your HVAC unit, we offer maintenance plans.

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HVAC Installation

With minimal site disruption, our certified technicians install your bespoke system.

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Our expert team factors in your unique environment to design a system that works.

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We provide a comprehensive estimation, so you can avoid any hidden financial pitfalls.

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Site Visit

The MAINair team visits your site to undertake a full assessment of your building.

Commercial air conditioning installation


The MAINair Commercial Division is a specialist team with experienced and practical HVAC project managers and supervisors. We work to create a detailed understanding of your building and your people to provide effective HVAC solutions at the fairest price.

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HVAC technician inspects air conditioning unit, Adelaide South Australia
HVAC installation across Adelaide, South Australia
commercial air conditioning maintenance

Repairs and maintenance

For a reliable and proactive service provider, the MAINair Service Division consists of a well balanced team of trade qualified and fully equipped modern tradespeople providing preventative and reactive maintenance services 24/7.

We have the knowledge and understanding needed to provide you consistency now and security for the future.

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Customer care for straightforward management

Included with our installation and maintenance services is access to our online client portal. MAINair works to maximise customer care and optimise our performance on site using the digital asset management system to track the lifecycle of your products and streamline customer service.

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SIMpro asset management system

We also offer...

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Commercial Refrigeration
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Electrical & Controls
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Engineering & drafting

Why choose MAINair?

Maintain continuous, reliable operation

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Implementing a programmed preventative maintenance plan makes good business sense for many reasons. The most obvious being the ability to identify impending mechanical or electrical faults long before they fail, eliminating potentially large repair bills and significant disruption.

An efficient and well-maintained system will result in lower operating costs, controlled health risks, and most importantly, tenants and occupants remain comfortable and happy.

Efficiency equals reduced cost

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Part of our service procedure involves analysing the system for faults and maintenance issues that could impact on operational efficiency, particularly in extreme conditions. Maximising the efficiency of the system by controlling airflow and the operating temperatures of compressors and motors, can result in substantial cost savings over a period of time. This service is included in our comprehensive service plan, which we design exclusively for each system.

Service when you need it, 24/7

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An around the clock breakdown service is available to all our service clients, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We understand the commercial implications of even a minor breakdown. Our no-compromise approach to service means we can generally have a technician on-site within an hour anywhere in the Adelaide CBD.

Controlling health risks

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Every air-conditioning system is a network for complex mechanical and electrical components. They are made to last and are engineered to operate over extended and often extreme conditions. But without regular programmed maintenance, the life and reliability of any component within the system can be seriously compromised.

MAINair commercial team

Committed to delivering great outcomes for our customers.

Darryl Stevens
Darryl Stevens MAINair HVAC team
Managing Director
MAINair Service & MAINair Commercial
Damien Bennett
Damien Bennett MAINair HVAC team
Director & General Manager
MAINair Commercial
Stuart Green
Senior Project Manager
Leigh Lenzi
Leign Lenzi MAINair HVAC team
Project Manager
John Prouse
John Prouse MAINair HVAC team
Project Manager
Mark Baker
Mark Baker MAINair HVAC team
Project Manager

MAINair service team

Trust your commercial HVAC installation and maintenance to the experts at MAINair.

Darryl Stevens
Darryl Stevens MAINair HVAC team
Managing Director
Aaron Edwards
Aaron Edwards MAINair HVAC team
Service Manager
Sean Forbes
Sean Forbes MAINair HVAC team
Service Supervisor